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Dolphin creates bubble rings

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Added on  Jul 02, 2013
Comments (3)
Lizord : 8 years ago : reply

I'm not disagreeing, but how else would we be able to observe behavior like this? Approaching dolphins in the wild, at least in America, is dangerous for the dolphins and illegal. Not to mention, if we WERE lucky enough to observe a dolphin doing this, what is the chance we'd be able to get evidence? Not every scientific diver brings a camera and has it ready at the right times, it's very unlikely. We've done myriads of studies that have allowed us to realize just how intelligent they are, and that's something we'd have never known or could have tested in the wild. It's a F***ing disgrace that they're kept in poor conditions and poor health. But zoos are a chance to let the average joe observe something they likely would have never seen, and thus understand and appreciate it. It's a flawed system, but those captive animals are there to help everyone understand and appreciate their wild counterparts.

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shoegunk : 9 years ago : reply

freaking amazing but kind of sad they are in captivity.

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Jim : 9 years ago : reply

Kind of sad? It's a *****ing disgrace.

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