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Dog dances on two legs

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Added on  Oct 27, 2013
Comments (2)
real : 5 years ago : reply

agree with you, if you're right ...

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robin lentini : 8 years ago : reply

This Poodle Sushi was horribly abused. He was beat severally & hung on the wall by his chest to make his legs straight. They started kicking him, throwing him against walls etc. throwing him against a wall. Allen Tan & Doreen Loo were the ones that abused. Actually Allen did the abuse & Doreen Loo videoed it. They lost the thumb drive someone found it & it went viral. That was 3 years ago. Sushi is dead now. This picture is when he was a puppy. Does he look really happy to be doing this. He is in terror in the Gif. If you do not believe me look up Sushi, Allen Tan & Dooren Loo. in 2011. I cannot believe these are still circulating You have another pic of the same dog older dancing happy to see his owners. While he is in a pin dancing. You think it cute. He is actually is keeping from being beat!!!!!!!!. This sick people thought they might get famous on the internet. By showing these pics of a walking or dancing dog, you are telling people "Do whatever you need to do to get pic circulation on line then you will be talked about via your trained or dancing dog.

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